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UK electoral roll data
Description The BL receives around 400 electoral returns every year from local authorities in the UK. The submitted dataset has no uniformity in the submissions, with formats, structure, and data sizes all varying. Data formats include .xls .csv .asc .doc .pdf .txt. Address format varies, as does name format. 878 files (2.5GB) were deposited in 2011, and 612 (2.2GB) in 2012.
Licensing Data is covered by data protection legislation and cannot leave BL servers.
Owner British Library
Dataset Location Onsite only
Collection expert Maureen Pennock; content owner in BL is John Kaye (lead curator e-Social Sciences)
Issues brainstorm
  • Data must be migrated into a single machine readable and searchable dataset
  • Variable field content must be normalised
  • Process must be validated
List of Issues A list of links to detailed Issue pages relevant to this Dataset

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