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Further Reading

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Bit Preservation

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Functional Preservation

The Parliamentary Archives (2009) Digital Preservation Policy London, UK: Houses of Parliament, Retrieved May 12, 2014 from                 

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Digital Object

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Danish website giving advice about Digital Preservation (in Danish) Retrieved May 12, 2014 from  Note section  on Metadata specifically

Information on Domain Metadata Standards provided by the DCC. Retrieved May 12, 2014 from

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Significant Properties of Digital Objects, webpage refers to reports on specialised areas

Webb, C. , Pearson, D. and  Koerbin, P.  ( National Library of Australia) (2013) 'Oh, you wanted us to preserve that?!' Statements of Preservation Intent for the National Library of Australia's Digital Collections.  D-Lib, vol 19, issue 1-2. doi:10.1045/january2013-webb


APARSEN Project (2014) D31.1 Report on DRM Preservation.  Retrieved May 12, 2014 from

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APARSEN Project (2014) D31.1 Report on DRM Preservation.  Retrieved May 12, 2014 from

BlogForever Project (2013): Development of the Digital Rights Management Policy, Retrieved May 12, 2014 from

Rights management metadata ODRL (Open Digital Rights Language) can be a useful standard,

Technical metadata e.g. the standard MIX (for images) could be used,    


McGovern, N (ed) (2012) Aligning national approaches in Digital Preservation, Altlanta USA: Educopia. retrieved May 12, 2014 from_ _
Overview of standards is also published by the EU-project Digital Cultural Heritage Roadmap for Preservation (DCH-RP) (2013)  : Standards and interoperability,  


4C is a  project concerned with digital preservation costs. Website:

Digital Curator Vocational Education Europe Project (DigCurV) has resources about staffing on their website

Digital Preservation Coalition (2014) _Digital Preservation Business Case Toolkit. _Retriebed May 12, 2014 from

DRAMBORA is an approach to digital risk analysis. Website

Audit and Certification

Data Seal of Approval website for repository certification (

ISO standard 16363 on Audit and certification of trustworthy digital repositories, verson available from  (

Primary Trustworthy Digital Repository Authorisation Body (PTAB) website which provides information on preparing for an audit (

Nestor Seal  for Trustworthy Repositories based on DIN 31644 (2013) which has the criteria for trustworthy digital archives,

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