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Field Data type Value
Platform-ID String IMF Cluster 2                                                             
Platform description String Cloudera CDH4.6
43 nodes
Number of nodes integer 43
Total number of physical CPUs integer 43
CPU specs string 15 * Dual core AMD G-T56N on 1600MHz,
28 * Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470S CPU @ 2.90GHz        
Total number of CPU-cores integer 142 Cores (15 * 2 Cores + 28 * 4 Cores)    
Total amount of RAM in Gbytes integer 568GB (15 * 8GB + 28 * 16)      
average CPU-cores for nodes integer 3.3
average RAM in Gbytes for nodes integer 13.2
Operating System on nodes String Debian 6 squeeze (64bit)
Storage system/layer String HDFS
Network layer between nodes String Local copy between two nodes : 80 MB/s 640 Mbps
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