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IS13 wmv to video format-X Migration Results in Out-of-sync Sound and Video
Detailed description SB does not want to keep the windows media video files for preservation. Earlier attempts at migration using ffmpeg failed on some files. Some of the migrated files had sound and video out of sync.
Scalability Challenge
4 TB collection windows media video (wmv). Number of files ~ 14640. Detecting the out-of-sync files manually is resource demanding.
Issue champion Gry Elstrøm (SB, External User)
Other interested parties
Possible Solution approaches
  1. Try migration again with newer updated tool
  2. Develop QA tool, which can detect these out-of-sync error. Note: to evaluate the QA test, manual assessment of passed files is necessary in development, but this should not be necessary in the final solution.
  3. Is there another tool, which can migrate these files? Or can we fix the out-of-sync files?
    * For format migration the following tools are available:
    • Mencoder
    • FFMpeg
    • SoX
    • GStreamer
    • Avidemux
Context -
Lessons Learned -
Training Needs -
Datasets windows media video (wmv) with Danish TV broadcasts
Solutions TBD


Objectives Scalability, automation
Success criteria The workflow that migrates the files also performs a QA, that convinces us the migrated files do not have out-of-sync errors, and with reasonable performance.
Automatic measures * process 20 files per hour per node
* 99% of files pass automatic QA test
Manual assessment * any 'failed files' should be checked. They should not be 'false positives' (successful migrations with no out-of-sync errors).
Actual evaluations links to acutual evaluations of this Issue/Scenario
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