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IS21 Migration of mp3 to wav
Detailed description A large collection of mp3-files (20 Tbytes - 175.000 files) needs to be migrated to wav. Because of the large amount of data we need automatic QA algorithms to ensure that migration went well.
Scalability Challenge
Large amounts of data (20 Tbytes - 175.000 files) - requires both much I/O and CPU for the migration part as well as I/O and CPU for the QA part. Must be carried out on a distributed platform to be realistic.
Issue champion Bjarne Andersen (SB)
Other interested parties
Possible Solution approaches
  • SB: develop an audio comparison tool that based on fast-fourier-transformations (FFT) can compare two waveforms
Lessons Learned  
Training Needs
Datasets mp3 (128kbit) with Danish Radio broadcasts
Solutions SO2 xcorrSound QA audio comparison tool
SO4 Audio mp3 to wav Migration and QA Workflow


Objectives This is about scaleability and robustness. 175.000 files need to be migrated and automatically checked content-wise and format-wise
Success criteria We will have a workflow that converts from mp3 to wav. Checks the migrated files for wav-conformance and checks the actual content by comparing the content of the mp3s and the corresponding wavs to ensure that nothing went wrong
Automatic measures 1. Process 20 files per hour per node
Manual assessment 1. If any of the migrated files does not pass the QA-test they should actually have failed the migration.
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