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Incubator Stories

During the life of the SCAPE project we are regularly encountering new and interesting preservation challenges that SCAPE could address. It would be impossible to address all of these challenges within the project, but it makes sense that we provide a place that these challenges can be documented and, if there is time, inclination and effort available, these can be promoted to SCAPE stories at a later date and develop work started on them.

This incubator space is the place to put any issues that are not currently considered part of the SCAPE work plan but are useful to record and perhaps will be addressed at a later stage.

If you want to start work on one of these incubator stories then:

  1. Decide which testbed is appropriate.
  2. Give it a name - [LSDRT|RDST|WCT]# - My New Story Name Goes Here
  3. Create the Story in the appropriate testbed section.
  4. Create an Experiment to go with it (you must create an experiment because if there is no dataset, this scenario cannot be worked on).
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