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The initial intention of this page is to provide a list of integration 'use cases' (for want of a better word) to direct and scope the desired level of integration of the various technical elements being worked on within SCAPE. These cases should detail how we envisage SCAPE elements working and combining together, and what we expect a user to be able to do with the system. For example, it might be something like "User registers a SCAPE component in the SCAPE catalogue." or "User uploads a Preservation Plan to the DOR ready for execution" (with an extension to this case to do it with a GUI), or it might be a more technically-focussed case, e.g. "Preservation workflow execution must support comparisons with QA policy values" (probably not the best worded case, and reads more like a requirement, but hopefully you get the idea). Most of these cases/requirements are already in your heads, but I think to ensure we're all travelling along the same road, and that we all know where we're at, it would be good to capture these.

At this stage, we're just trying to capture a list of cases, tasks that need to be done to satisfy those cases, people/WPs/groups responsible for them. We won't necessarily be able to tackle every integration issue, so do also consider more significant integration challenges. It may also be worth capturing underlying integration cases that we have already achieved (marking them up as done).

I'm not completely sure the best format/structure for this, so at first I propose we just start listing them (if anyone has any other/better suggestions, speak up). We can restructure and evolve the format as it becomes evident that we need to (e.g. for additional information).

To get the most out of this list, it's going to require everyone to contribute, both in adding/maintaining the list and in doing the work.

Please feel free to add descriptive text, to reword, restructure as you see necessary. If a significant change, get in touch first just to make sure that no-one else is planning to do something equally significant at the same time.

Integration Use Cases/Requirements

  1. A user registers a SCAPE component in the SCAPE catalogue
  2. User uploads a Preservation Plan to the DOR ready for execution
  3. User uploads a Preservation Plan to the DOR using a GUI ready for execution (<<extends #2>>)
  4. DOR sends the Preservation Plan to the execution platform and the Platform transforms it into hadoop native jobs to run in large scale
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