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These are the preservation or other business driven Issues that are found in particular Datasets and have Solutions developed to solve them. 

Issues should describe particular preservation problems. They must be well defined so that solutions and evaluation points can be proposed and tested.

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Page: IS1 Digitised TIFFs do not meet storage and access requirements Page: IS2 Do acquired files conform to an agreed technical profile, are they valid and are they complete? Page: IS3 Large media files are difficult to characterise without mass processing + We cannot identify preservation risks in uncharacterised files Page: IS5 Digital objects archive contains unidentified content Page: IS6 Determine render-ability of displayable web objects Page: IS7 Incompleteness and and inconsistency of web archive data Page: IS8 Diversity of office document formats in digital objects archive Page: IS9 Archive system migration preserving and enriching AIPs Page: IS10 Potential bit rot in image files that were stored on CD Page: IS11 PDF files may face preservation risks Page: IS12 ARC to WARC migration Page: IS13 wmv to Video Format-X Migration Results in Out-of-sync Sound and Video Page: IS14 Diverse preservation risks in large archives with millions of objects Page: IS15 Long-term access and decoding of JP2 images Page: IS16 Normalisation of JPEG 2000 images Page: IS17 Characterisation of text-based formats Page: IS18 Verify bitstream integrity Page: IS19 Migrate whole archive to new archiving system Page: IS20 Detect audio files with very bad sound quality Page: IS21 Migration of mp3 to wav Page: IS22 Characterise and Validate very large mpeg-1 and mpeg-2 files Page: IS24 Characterisation of large amounts of wav audio Page: IS25 Web Content Characterisation Page: IS26 Dealing with difficult identification cases Page: IS27 Quality assurance in redownload workflows of digitised books Page: IS28 Structural and visual comparisons for web page archiving Page: IS29 Characterisation and validation of very large data files Page: IS30 Fixity capturing and checking of very large data files Page: IS31 Semantic checking of very large data files Page: IS32 Basic Migration of RAW to NeXus data Page: IS33 Enhanced migration of RAW to NeXus data Page: IS34 ISIS instrument website no longer applicable or available Page: IS35 Mantid website or software no longer applicable or available Page: IS36 Examine the long term value of the preserved datasets Page: IS37 Preserving the verifiability and provenance of processed datasets Page: IS38 (W)ARC to HBASE migration Page: IS39 Format obsolescence detection Page: IS40 Complexity of camera raw files Page: IS41 Analyse huge text files containing information about a web archive Page: IS42 Detecting Encryption and DRM in Digital Content Page: IS43 Determining general 'document' properties Page: IS44 Migrated image metadata must map or match to those of the original Page: IS45 Audio and Video Recordings have unreliable broadcast time information Page: IS46 Book page image duplicate detection within one book Page: IS47 Identify Preservation Risks from audio+video characterisation information Page: IS48 Validate archival files against an institutional content policy regarding formats Page: IS49 Large scale ingest of a large book collection