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JISC1 19th Century Digitised Newspapers
Description The collection consists of 2.2million pages of digitised 19th Century Newspapers. Content includes:
  • TIFF page masters, 
  • TIFF page service copies,
  • TIFF article service copies,
  • XML METS metadata, 
  • XML. 
    Samples of migrated JPEG2000 files are also available, including some truncated JPEG2000s that were damaged during a faulty migration process.

    The complete collection in TIFF form is ~80TB. 
Licensing The collection sample is available for use under a BL licence, restricting usage for research only. Otherwise it is not restricted to SCAPE Project partners. See full licence
Owner British Library
Dataset Location
Collection expert TBC
Issues brainstorm  
List of issues IS44 QA of migrated images
IS2 Do acquired files conform to an agreed technical profile, are they valid and are they complete?
IS1 Digitised TIFFs do not meet storage and access requirements
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