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Note: Via skype chat, attendees online at the time

  • Donal Fellows (UNIMAN)
  • Finn Bacall (UNIMAN)
  • Alan Williams (UNIMAN)
  • Markus Plangg (TUW)
  • Rainer Schmidt (AIT)
  • Michael Kraxner (TUW)
  • Carl Wilson (OPF)
  • Per Møldrup-Dalum (SB)



  • Finn plans to roll out new API to main site next week
  • Support for getting the component family from a workflow is planned, may be included in Roll-out.
    Currently the component plugin references components by registry + family + component name + version. The Query API returns workflows. This closes the gap of getting the component from the workflow. 
  • Component specific API docs available at


Discussion in repository integration ongoing. The idea is to have a measure document of the form:

This would allow processing of measures using (first draft) workflows and and to compare CC, QA results of with value ranges provided by Plato.


 Donal currently working on provenance component.

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