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As the code in the shared repository matures, we expect that it will be sensible to clear out parts of the code-base and move them into dedicated projects. Here is an example of how this can be done, based on the information provided here.

Master Branch Only
Note that this will only correctly clone the master branch.
  • Make a local clone of the shared repository:
  • Use git-filter-branch to strip out everything except the contents of one folder, which becomes the root of the repo:

    Note that this will not discard everything yet - the 'bulk' will still be there.

  • Create a new repo, then overwrite the original remote and push to that new location
  • Now clone that new repository into a new directory (should be smaller now)

So now, if we look at disk usage:

You can then remove the old folder, from a DIFFERENT copy of the original shared repository (I'm not bothering to wipe the whole history though)

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