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Nexus data files from instruments
Description These are data files captured straight from instruments. They contain measurements collected from instrument detectors. There is no typical size or number of a detector that an instrument has. For example, for STFC ISIS facility, the number of detector  ranges from several thousands to a quarter of a million. The typical format of these files are raw or NeXus. The later is an international standard for neutron and synchrotron communities. The former is facility specific: many historic data files are in this format. Increasingly, NeXus format is being adopted as the standard format for instrument data.
Licensing See the STFC Data Policy for the SCAPE project
Owner STFC
Dataset Location

(please get in touch with STFC for accessing the data)

Collection expert Erica Yang (STFC)
Issues brainstorm These are individual data files produced by the experiments. These files are readings of invididual experimental runs. They, themselves, do not have enough information to allow anybody to process them because, basically, they are neutron counts in the STFC ISIS facility case. They are raw data because it contains errors and noises that are needed to be removed before it can be analysed. Therefore, first of all, they have to be preserved alongside with the contextual information describing where it was produced (e.g. which instrument), when it was produced (which ISIS cycle), and what experiment it was produced for. All these information allow establishing the linkages between these raw files and relevant files generated at the same time while the files are being produced during an experiment. 

Other types of contextual information needed to be preserved include the software needed to process the files, the samples that are used to produce the files.

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