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Success Story Template

  • Context
    • Type of content
  • Preservation Issues
    • With a special focus on the scalability challenge
  • SCAPE solution (unique selling point)
    • Including SCAPE Tools
  • Success Story Champion
    • Who is using it? / Who could use it?

QA & Characterisation of Web Content (marketing material)

2 identified SCAPE solutions (products)

1) Get to know you web content with SCAPE's Scalable Characterisation Architecture

-> This product is relevant for preservation and research issues, and for presenting your web content to end users

-> Web content is big and heterogeneous: you don’t know all types of content out there!

-> Web content will grow and be more complex in future!

-> With this setup you will be able to analyse /assess /profiling your content on an automated base and address the above mentionned challenges

  • Context/ Users
    • Repository owners who are interested in preservation
    • Repository owner who are interested in using their web archives outside of dig. pres. community
  • Preservation Issues
    • Analyze content of large web archives files (specific information about size of content should be included in description)
    • Ask proper questions in order to get the required output from the analysis
  • SCAPE solution (unique selling point)
    • Scalable characterisation architecture (package of Platform, TIKA, ARC record reader & other components)
  • Success Story Champion
    • (will be) tested in SCAPE by: SB, BL, ONB
    • outside of SCAPE: ?

2) Markalizer / Pagelizer (Markalizer is a supervised framework of Pagelizer):

-> Web archive owners: your content is going to grow, technology is going to change!

-> Pagelizer helps you monitoring dynamically changing web content.

-> The application is addressing current and future challenges on a level of preservation, and attached to the evolving technology (new browsers, more content, increasing amount of data)

-> It will improve web archive completeness;

-> Address web archive rendering issues;

-> and cut the costs, enhancing efficiency

  • Context/ Users
    • Web Archive owners + preservation institutions interested in web harvesting and several other application contexts
  • Preservation Issues
    • visual + structural comparison of versions of web pages on large scale and web harvesting (browser shots)
  • SCAPE solution (unique selling point)
    • Markalizer (visual) / Pagelizer (hybrid): automated tool for comparision of content
  • Success Story Champion
    • tested in SCAPE by: IM, SB (visual); UPMC (hybrid)
    • outside of SCAPE: ?
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