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The following responsibilities are associated with these SCAPE roles:

Issue Champion

  1. Maintain your Issue, Dataset and Scenario pages on the OPF wiki and ensure they are kept up to date
  2. Closely liaise with Solution Champions and ensure they are provided with everything they need to develop a Solution for your Issue (most importantly: requirements listed in your Issues page and a Dataset for testing their code as they develop it). Ensure Solution Champions know of changes to your Issue. Wiki tracking facilities may be useful here (Tools>Watch)
  3. Ensure arrangements are in place for the Issue-Solution to be formally evaluated within the appropriate Testbed

Solution Champion

  1. Maintain your Solution page on the OPF wiki and ensure it is kept up to date
  2. Closely liaise with Issue Champions and ensure they are aware of Solutions you are developing
  3. Solicit additional requirements from your Issue Champion if necessary

Solving an Issue and reaching a satisfactory conclusion with a good Solution in place should be considered a team effort between the Issue Champion and the Solution Champion.

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