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What is this page?

This page lists all known software projects that are believed to be part of the SCAPE project. The projects SHOULD all be part of the Open Planets Foundation GitHub page . This does NOT include projects that the SCAPE projects are dependent upon, specifically it doesn't include Maven dependencies.

Each project SHOULD have the following information listed:

  • Source Location - preferably a gitHub URL.
  • Owner - a real person, the first port of call for project questions.
  • Developers - any other dev contacts for the project.
  • SP/WPs - lists the SCAPE Sub Projects and Work Packages working on the project.
  • Language - the main language used for development, e.g. Java, Python, C...
  • Functional Units - lists and describes functional, testable units within the project.

The projects have been divided into two sections:

  • Core Projects - core SCAPE components, usually a deliverable listed in the Description of Work.
  • Associated Projects - all other projects, often tools developed by the project.

Core Projects


  • Source Location: openplanets/scout
  • Owner: Luis Faria 
  • Developers:
  • SP/WPs:
    • PW.WP.1 Automated Watch
  • Language: Java

    Functional Units

  • Scout Model: Base knowledge base model to be a dependency on all other projects
  • Scout Core: All base logic
  • Scout Adaptors: Information source adaptors
    • PRONOM
    • C3PO (Content profile)
  • Scout Notifications: Notification plugins
    • HTML Email
  • Scout Web: Web and REST interface


SCAPE Toolwrapper

  • Source Location: openplanets/scape-toolwrapper
  • Owner: Helder Silva 
  • Developers:
  • SP/WPs:
    • PC.WP.2 Action Services
  • Language: Java

    Functional Units

  • Toolwrapper data: Data bindings
  • Toolwrapper core: All base logic
  • Toolwrapper bash-generator: Logic for bash wrapper/SCAPE Component (Taverna workflow with semantic annotations) generation
  • Toolwrapper bash-debian-generator: Logic for packaging bash wrapper/SCAPE Component into a Debian package
  • Toolwrapper component-uploader: Logic for uploading a SCAPE Component to the SCAPE Component Catalogue (myExperiment site)


  • Source Location: openplanets/scape
  • Owner:
  • Developers: Currently to varied to list.
  • SP/WPs:
  • Language:

    Functional Units

    This is a very tentative list at the moment, as this project contains a variety of Maven sub-modules. Restructuring starts here.....

  • Jpylyzer wrapper - scape / pc-cc-jpylyzer-wrapper simple Java wrapper around the jpylyzer command line tool
  • Runtime Render Monitor - scape / pc-cc-strender monitors resource usage on *nix systems during rendering
  • Matchbox - scape/pc-qa-matchbox a document image comparison toolbox to compare digitized collections and detect duplicates
  • Image Feature Comparison - scape/pc-qa-toolwrapper possibly defunct toolwrapper for an early matchbox version
  • Matchbox Evaluation - scape/tb-lsdr-matchboxeval-lib TestBed project, evaluates Matchbox against a "ground truth"
  • Hadoop Sequence File Creator - scape/tb-lsdr-seqfilecreator TestBed utility project, a sequence file creator for Hadoop?
  • arcHD - scape/tb-wc-hd-archd ARC file record reader for Hadoop, includes a map-reduce demonstrator of Tika identification of ARC File content.
  • TIFOWA - scape/tb-wc-tifowa uses Tika to extract metadata from files and produces a CSV output file for a spreadsheet, there is also a DROID CSV convertor, and a CSV file merger.



Associated Projects


  • Source Location: openplanets/scape-xcorrsound
  • Owner:
  • Developers:
  • SP/WPs:
    • PC.QA
  • Language: C++

    Functional Units

  • xcorrSound - a tool to find the overlap between two audio files
  • soundMatch - a tool to find all occurrences of a short wav in a longer one
  • migrationQA - a tool to compare two audio files by splitting













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