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Thanks to everyone who signed up to support the Take Up Sub Project activities in the final year. We will add the information from the pledges below, but you can add more through the year.

The person who has the most points by the end of September 2014 will win a prize! 

Please add a link to your task once it is complete.


Name Org. Subject blog paper poster demo webinar exercise reading list improve
other (please specify) Date complete Link/Notes
Ross King AIT SCAPE Project & Scalable Repositories x             x      
Matthias Hahn FIZ Fedora 4 within the SCAPE Project   x                  
Stefan Proell TUW Dynamic Data Citation x                    
Frank Asseg FIZ Fedora 4               x      
Tomasz Parkola PSNC Medical Data Centre x x           x      
Marian Neagul UVT SCAPE in the Clouds x   x x              
Clemens Neudecker KB TIF-JP2 Migration / Hadoop for DP x           x        
Opher Kutner EXL APIs, Dnmlint tool x     x              
Per M-Dalum SB Characterisation of web content 1
1           2 5\\

Paper: #90
Demo day, internal presentation

Markus Plangg TUW SCAPE components x             x      
Artur Kulmukhametov TUW Content profiling, image QA   2
  3       x     Demo at DL (best demo)
Papers #102, 103
Michael Kraxner TUW Plato   x           x x screencast    
Dana Petcu UVT SCAPE Achievements   2
          x spread flyers   Papers # 85, 101
Carl Wilson OPF SCAPE Software x     x 5
x   x      
Asger Askov Blekinge SB SCAPE Data-connector (mass processing on repository content)   x           x      
Matthias Rella AIT ToMaR 1
      5     x x screencast
Luis Faria KEEPS Scout   1     5 
Ed Fay OPF Open & Sustainable Preservation Community x x             x online experience    
Barbara Sierman KB Preservation Policies 1

1 iPres2014

Paper #95

Sean Bechhofer UNIMAN Control Policy Representation x                    
Catherine Jones STFC STFC's work on SCAPE x
x     5 
Michela Vignoli AIT SCAPE General 1
              x tweet 18 March 2014;
24 March 2014;
Kresimir Durectec TUW SCAPE Simulator       3
Roman Graf AIT Matchbox or FFMA or Cropping Detection 1
x x       x
Papers #84, 91
Peter May BL SCAPE Architecture 1
Jette Junge SB Interviews with SCAPErs 4
            1 x tweet

Internal presentation

Becky McGuinness OPF SCAPE Training 4             x x tweet    
Melanie Imming KB SCAPE General 4             microsites and other x tweet
Internal SCAPE presentations at KB, SCAPE video,
Bolette Jurik SB XcorrSound, SCAPE Platform, SB metadata repository, the Bit Repository and newspaper project 2
1   x       2 5\\

Paper #90
Demo day, internal presentation

Matthieu Cord, Stephane Gancarski, Zeynep Pehlivan UPMC QA Zeynep 1
Andrés 1
x x x             Zeynep:
William Palmer
Demo day, internal presentation
Daniel Pop
SCAPE deployment on cloud environments
2         x
    Papers #85, 101
Poster + leaflet
Sven Schlarb
3 1
Papers #84, 86, 89
Demo day
Alan Akbik
Papers #96, 97, 98, 99, 100
Alecs Geuder
Daniel Pop
SCAPE overall

              Romanian blog on digital preservation Oct 7th, 2014

Need help?

Blog - Jette
Sign up for an OPF website account at: then click on 'post a blog' in the top right hand corner.
Paper - Jette
Please add your paper to the dissemination and publication log on the SCAPE SharePoint:
Poster - Jette
Please add your poster to the dissemination and publication log on the SCAPE SharePoint:
Demo - Carl
Please get in contact with Carl for demo support
Webinar - Becky
Webinars can be live, or pre-recorded if you prefer. You can give a presentation, or demonstration. We use WebEx which allows you to share your desktop. Take a look at some of the examples of the OPF website:
Online Exercises - Carl 
Reading list - Becky
Software Documentation - Carl
Other - Jette/Becky
Let us know your ideas and how we can help!

Task Points
Blog 1
Paper 1
Poster 1
Demo / Screencast 3
Webinar 5
Online Exercise 5
Reading list 2
Improve Documentation 2
Other TBC
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