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British Library UK Web Domain Dataset: Format Profile
Description MIME type records have been created for the UK Web Domain Dataset, using three sources/tools:
  • the MIME types delivered by the server 
  • Apache Tika
  • DROID 
    All three MIME types are collected, along with the year the resource was crawled. These four pieces of information are treated as a 'key' for the resource, and the number of resources with that key are counted up, over the entire dataset. The result is output as tab separated data. For full details see, the Nanite codebase, tag v.0.1.1 was used to create this dataset.
Licensing Open data, public domain.
Owner See above, originating from the British Library
Dataset Location
Collection expert Maureen Pennock (BL)
Issues brainstorm TBC
List of Issues TBC

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