3D Modelling Data for Terracotta Roundels

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3D modelling data is used to track the condition of objects within the collection, as well as the historic fabric of the buildings we care for.  This is not done in house, so the data is created by various external contractors, and contains various file types. The type of data includes the individual scans, surface models, rendered images – all at different resolutions.  One roundel creates c. 9.5GB of data, and there are 12 roundels. The roundels will be re-scanned at regular intervals to assess changes, so the amount of data created will continually increase. 


Internal access only


Data owned by HRP

Dataset Location

Data held by HRP

Dataset Champion

"Rebecca Short"

Issues brainstorm

ensuring standards for laser scanning and subsequent creation of models 

Appraising 3D modelling data – what it is, whether all of it is needed, how to check its complete? 

Use and reuse is important, and will inform the creation of the data. The ability to process and analyse this type of data.  Can the data be used for a different purpose? E.g. could you layer environmental data onto it?  

Metadata and how the different types of files link to each other – if one is removed, what impact would this have?

List of Issues

Appraisal and preservation of 3D modelling data

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