Archaeology Data Service archive

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Archaeology Data Service archive (including the grey literature library)
Description We collect and archive any data that archaeologists create. This includes standard formats such as documents, raster images and database but also more specialist files such as those associated with data collection and analysis techniques such as geophysical survey, laser scanning, GIS, maritime and airbourne survey.
Licensing All data we archive is free to use as long as the ADS Common Access Agreement and terms and conditions of use are adhered to.
Owner Archaeology Data Service at the University of York
Dataset Location Dissemination versions of the documents within the Grey Literature Library can be found here:
Collection Champion Jenny Mitcham
Issues brainstorm A bulleted list of possible preservation or business driven Issues. This is useful for describing ideas that might be turned into detailed Issues at a later date
List of Issues Checking significant properties of images have been retained after migration
Identifing the software application that a file was created in
Checking significant properties of documents have been retained after migration
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