At risk and decaying audio data on CDs

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At risk and decaying audio data on CDs

Detailed description
This project involves 4 steps within the workflow model we're establishing.

  1. Disk Imaging (stabilizing the data)
    1. which tool do we use to make a clone image of each audio CDs (OSFClone doesn't seem to work as expected) > it may be that we need to consider an alternative solution to creating an .ISO image as this is problematic for various reasons. Worse case scenario: we simply copy all the files from the audio CD into a local folder system.
    2. what do we do with the disk image and/or associated files? 
    3. what metadata is captured at this stage? 
    4. what metadata needs to be manually added to the disk image? 
    5. what else is there to consider at this stage? eg. image integrity? 
  2. Data Ripping (normalising the data)
    1. which tool do we use to create BWAV files of individual audio files? 
    2. what metadata is captured at this stage?
    3. what metadata needs to be manually added to individual BWAV files? 
    4. how do we deal with non-audio files at this stage? 
  3. Catalogueing
    1. which tool's do we use? 
    2. what fields are we including in the catalogue? (how do we add others, and when?) 
    3. if we have a CSV file, can we switch between Excel and Access?  How do we batch import entries to a master file/list?
    4. how do we handle backups of the master CSV file? 
  4. Access to the catalogue (outputting the metadata)
    1. outputting the CSV to M3P's Mediawiki?

Issue champion
Toni Sant

Other interested parties

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Lessons Learned
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M3P audio CD Collection

Audio CD Preservation

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