Audit and identification of current electronic records

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Audit and identification of current electronic records

Detailed description

Large volume of digital content needs identified and audited in order to form a coherent risk assessment which leads into a Digital Preservation Strategy for Northumberland Estates.

Currently tried DROID to audit content but would like to explore alternative tools and evaluate results.

The solution would need to process records efficiently as I will be auditing the whole of Northumberland Estates network. A relatively straightforward workflow also needs to be established which works on a Windows OS.

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Other interested parties

Possible Solution approaches

- DROID - Continue with DROID and evaluate output

- FITS - OPF established tool which packages a number of applications. Need a way to make sense of all these outputs (e.g. C3PO)

- Alternatives to DROID (e.g. JHOVE) - Might be more relevant to focus upon one tool.


Northumberland Estates currently needs to establish digital preservation best practice approaches in order to preserve and safeguard it's digital assets. An audit is currently underway which will result in a risk assessment and Digital Preservation Strategy. Looking to explore best practice approaches and solutions in order to audit the Estates electronic records. 

Lessons Learned

Their are a range of tools which can be used to aid identification. It'll be interesting to learn the best practice approach and apply it to my particular dataset.


Northumberland Estates - Current Electronic Records

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