Authenticity and Integrity of Digital Artwork

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Authenticity and Integrity of Digital Artwork
Detailed description The digital artwork was created as part of an exhibition at the McLean Museum. Currently, the artwork is stored as DIVX file. Concerns are made over ensuring that this artwork remains accessible but ultimately unchanged in the long term. If the file is changed in anyway, then the artwork itself will have been changed. At the Museum, we want to ensure that the artwork is exactly representative of the artists original work. 
Issue champion Neil Dickson
Other interested parties
Any other parties who are also interested in applying Issue Solutions to their Datasets
Possible Solution approaches Implementation of Checksum
Implementation of BagIt System
Context As our Museum has a strong collection of Fine Art, we are always ensuring that we have measures in place to ensure their preservation. With our recent addition of Digital Artwork, we worried that the authenticity of the digital artwork may be affected  with the upgrade to a new operating system. We are also worried about the long term preservation of the digital artworks themselves. We need to ensure that the artists work is not changed in anyway as it will not be representative of the artwork. This includes everything about the file, and not the artwork which is present when the file is accessed. 
Lessons Learned I have learned that trying to ensure the long term preservation with our digital artwork is often possible but inevitably there will become a time when we will have to decide on whether access or preservation is our main issue. As long as we have a copy of the original file we can at least go back it. Issues of migration and emulation will have to be discussed at an appropriate time to ensure we take the best steps. Again, the need to implement best practice guidelines, draw up disaster plans, risk assessments and ensure our staff have a strong knowledge base is they key to success.  
Datasets McLean Museum
Solutions Checking the Authenticity and Integrity of Digital Content
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