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Business case: Benefits of a process to apply digital preservation standards and protocol to Sharepoint at UCLan
1 Corporate strategy
a. Provides a source of evidence and reliable statistical data to demonstrate achievement of strategic targets across the institution over time
b. Provides the systems to ensure the implementation of the Document retention and Data Management strategies
2 Resource enrichment – access
a. International access – digital preservation policy and systems to make it happen will ensure continued adherence to international file and IT standards
b. New markets, both across the world and in different spheres (access to information previously restricted by expired embargoes and physical access issues)
c. Community participation in UCLan improved – enriched experience for staff and students – improved depth of information for orphan photographs etc.
d. Internal access to project documentation resulting in more efficient projects building on previous lessons learned, encouraging collaboration and sharing of best practice between services and schools – avoids silo-ing
e. Access improves collaboration inside and with partners, attracts funding –
f. That which could be accessed previously, can now be found and used quicker, that which couldn’t can be accessed. That which shouldn’t be accessed is more secure – application of licences
g. Controlled access in managed digital environment policy-driven and with fine granularity improves security of master documents, records access, and maintains integrity of originals without restricting approved uses.
3 Reputation
a. Compliance with legislation – FOI, accessibility, DP etc
b. Trust – integrity and completeness of records
c. Historical legacy
d. Demonstrable good digital hygene
4 Financial
a. Income generation – sale of photos, attracting grants etc
b. Avoiding rework
c. Inspires innovation through cross fertilization
d. Efficiency and time saved in project through access to ‘lessons learned’
e. Good data management saves time in retrieving records, documents etc
f. Efficient management of physical space through storage of physical records in cheaper non-accessible archival space (student records) – less need to print things out for filing
g. Efficient management of digital space

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