Binghamton University Skills Gap Analysis

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Activity Describe the broad the activity that the business case makes the case for
Role Who
Skill Resource (yes/no/percentage) Notes
Task 1 Strategic Direction
Senior Library managers Yes
Task 2 Systems (maintaining O/S, backups, etc.)
Library Technology Staff
Yes Yes  
Task 3
Digital Preservation Software maintenance
Director of Library Technology
Task 4 Systems Development (customizing front ends, submission APIs, etc.)
Library Technology Staff
If any projects need/prefer custom interfaces, we may be limited in our ability to provide them. Same thing is true if we need custom loaders.
Task 5 Preservation Planning
Director of Library Technology / Metadata Librarian(s)
Need to work more with preservation action planning in Rosetta and learn how the software works.
Task 6  Metadata (Descriptive) - workflows, training, etc.
Metadata Librarians Yes
Task 7
Metadata (Descriptive) - Creation
Metadata librarians, Student workers, People with knowledge of collection-specific See Notes
See notes
Good for now, but will need more as additional collections role in. Also, additional training may be required.
Task 8
Metadata (Preservation)
Director of Library Technology / Metadata Librarian(s) Some (but growing)
Task 9 Digitization (of Special Collections/University Archives materials)
Special Collections Staff
Yes Yes
Need to check on capacity for non-print materials
Task 10 Digitization and file format transformation of external materials
See notes
See notes
We would require additional staff if we acquire a large amount of content that needs manual processing by the Libraries. Director of Library Technology and other Technology Staff have knowledge in this area, but will need to do additional research on various file formats and conversion techniques.
Task 11 Outreach (recruiting deposits) Subject Librarians, Scholarly Communications Officer, Senior Library managers Varies
Yes We have reasonable engagement, but need to raise awareness of digital preservation implications and requirements throughout the library (And indeed, the campus)/. We also need to raise awareness across campus on what digital preservation services we can offer.
Task 12 Emulation
Library Technology Staff
If we needed to do emulation, we would need new skills and additional resources.
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