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Who I work as a trainee archivist for BEAM, the digital archives, part of Special Collections. I work for the futureArch project, which is transforming the ability of the Bodleian to deal with digital records.
What We are responsible for capturing information off old CDs, floppy disks and hard disks which come in as part of the acquisition process. We also archive websites which are related to our collections, meaning that we have a static record of websites in case they change in the future. Digital materials are particularly vulnerable to loss, so we aim to capture data as it comes in so that we have a complete record of the material we acquire.
Why We are unique as we are situated within the Bodleian Libraries, which already holds so many valuable records. New collections often come with digital materials so it is vital that we are able to preserve them and keep the record intact, which is important if we are to uphold our key position as a centre of research for the academic community.
Goal We have made excellent progress, and have several successful workflows in place for a lot of the material we recieve. We are not yet able to deal with all of the digital material which is coming in to the Bodleian, so our immediate goal is to develop new workflows to resolve this. Going forward we need to be able to cope with the increasing amounts of digital material which are beginning to arrive, preventing a significant backlog from building up.
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