Checking the Authenticity and Integrity of Digital Content

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Title Using Bagger to Check Authenticity/Integrity of Content
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Solution Champion Carl Wilson
Corresponding Issue(s) Authenticity and Integrity of Digital Artwork
Tool/code link -
Tool Registry Link Bagger
  • Bagger front end, not well publicised, although some mashup participants did know about i!
  • Explored use of Bagger, whether its cross platform, etc
  • Build/dependencies issues to be grappled
  • Bagger sets off running, doesn't produce hourglass, so unclear if it has crashed or not
  • Larry Murray has previously cross checked Bagger against DROID with no discrepancies
  • Feedback: Documentation online would be useful, exposing source code rather than dump would be great.
  • The name Bagger does not translate well into Dutch!
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