Collection of audio-visuals and digitised images

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Collection of audio-visuals and digitised images.


A collection of TV adverts. The adverts from 1980s and 1990s, originally on film, were migrated onto CDs. They are AVI files and compressed MPEG4 copies of some of them have been made. The adverts from 2000-2007 are on DVDs on a single AVI file.

A collection of images of buildings which have been digitised in-house by several members of staff. These are mainly JPEG files but there are also some TIFF and PDF.


Copies for use in SPRUCE Mushup London. Must not be further distributed.


Lloyds Banking Group

Dataset Location

CDrom and DVDs

Dataset Champion
Silvia Gallotti

Issues brainstorm


  • Content profiling
  • Preservation plan
  • Content separation


  • Content profiling
  • Metadata extraction
  • Metadata validation assessment/correction
  • Validation
  • Duplicate detection

List of Issues

Content profiling

Preservation plan

Duplicate detection

Content separation

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