Deposited personal collection

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Deposited personal collection


The collection comprises the archive of a leading academic and senior member of management. Documents relate to both his work for the institution and his own personal archive relating to research and career. It comprises 25.5GB (76.5k) files, mainly created using Microsoft Office. The documents include all correspondence, articles (including drafts), CVs, records of the organisation, and photographs created by the individual as well as resources created by others that he has collated during research. The majority of the collection comprises Microsoft Word documents, and there are a number of pdfs, Excel spreadsheets and links to webpages. The collection largely dates from c2000-2010; and although various MS Versions are used there are no access issues. There is no order to the collection, a lot of duplication and very little descriptive metadata. 


The data can only be used by attendees at the Mashup.


The collection is owned by the creating individual and the Institute of Education.

Dataset Location

Institute of Education, University of London

Dataset Champion
Rebecca Webster

Issues brainstorm

  • Very little descriptive metadata
  • Massive duplication (both identical duplicates and "similar duplicates" eg. version 1, 2 and 3 of a particular document)
  • Date recorded as the date the collection was copied for the archives
  • Mixture of institutional and personal records
  • No original order
  • Size of collection makes it impossible to check over document for selection for permanent preservation
  • Require an automated solution to selecting documents from electronic personal archives

Require assistance regarding technical issues to help develop procedures for negotiation stages of deposit of personal electronic collections

List of Issues
Sorting, appraising and metadata creation for deposited personal collections

Produce a report summarising collection metadata and content

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