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This page provides links to various sources of information on software tools that might be useful for digital preservation, whether sourced from the digital preservation community or elsewhere.

The OPF Tool Registry: Embyonic OPF wiki registry of digital preservation tools, uses tagging to make browsing easy, and references experiences of using the tools where available

AQuA Mashup Tool List: Flat list of tools that were mentioned during the AQuA Project mashups (some of this has been migrated to the Registry, above)

AJ Tool Registry: Andy Jackson's Delicious bookmarks of other tool lists.

Digitial Curation Centre catalogue of Tools and Services: Tool list categorised by function and user. Has some quite detailed descriptions of the tools.

Some Forensics Tools: Blog post from the DPC event on digital forensics, listing all the tools that were mentioned during the event.

Digital Curation Exchange Tool list : A lengthy but flat list of digital curation tools

Agogified Digital Preservation Tools and Services: Short list of well known DP community sourced tools from Bill LeFurgy

LoC Supported Digital Preservation Tools: Also see this short blog post listing a handful of Library of Congress supported tools and initiatives

Gary McGath's list of software for extracting file format information

Just Solve Software

Lots of software links and lists on various parts of the Forensics Wiki including for example File format ID

PADI list of tools and papers about tool intiatives: Quite an old list from the now defunct PADI site that has been archived in Pandora

Gloucestershire Archives tool list: short list of community tools, several are wrapped by their alpha workbench software

Report from CARLI Digital Preservation Conference: tools and services that were discussed. Some interesting web services covered.

CDL list of microservices

Inventory of open source software in the cultural heritage domain, via Europeana Network

Visualisation tools for digital preservation, captured at CURATE Camp.

Fixity tools overview

SCAPE Project Tools

Fileformat info's tools for dealing with file formats

Search for digital preservation tools on:

Not tool lists, but some other interesting tool links:

Slashdot: Ask slashdot: detect corrupted files

National Software Reference Library

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