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Activity Outline

Consider the activity you would like to examine and build a business case for during this mashup. You could have a tight focus on the activity your mashup developer is looking at, or you could take a broader consideration for the activity of your team, unit or department. We'll be building a business case to convince the powers that be that your work deserves to be funded. So you could outline a completely new activity or project.

Dorset History Centre is seeking funding for digital preservation activity, including the purchase of Tessella's Preservica system. Outlined below are some of the benefits of this: 

Benefits Analysis and Alignment with Institutional Objectives

Generic or high level benefit Detailed benefit description Aligns with Institutional Objective
Preservation of the corporate memory DHC will be able to preserve the essential records of all three partner councils to ensure future accessibility. Build a council fit for the future [DCC Corporate Goal]
Long term preservation of digital records Sustainable strategy for digital preservation will be developed to ensure consistency in our handling of all digital collections to recognised standards and best practice.
Create and implement a digital preservation strategy [JAB Service Plan 2011-2014]
Depositors continue to deposit collections regardless of format (analogue/digital)
DHC will attract deposits of digital collections from a variety of sources and be able to offer assurances that these collections will be adequately preserved. We will liaise with depositors to advise on management of digital information. 
Actively acquire archives relating to Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole and to work, through all available means to preserve them to optimum effect [JAB Service Plan 2011-2014]
Increased access for wider audiences Participation in the development of Preservica’s public access module will allow the digital collections to be accessed online, both locally and remotely by a wide audience. Work with a wide variety of audiences through education, community engagement and web-based tools, encouraging access to and appreciation of the archival resource [JAB Service Plan 2011-2014]
Meeting statutory obligations Developing and maintaining a robust digital preservation strategy ensures that the archives complies with legislation under which its collections are held:
  • Public Records Acts of 1958 and 1967 for the management of certain classes of public records.
  • Data Protection Act (1998) and the Data Protection Act (2000), particularly Section 46 of the latter to manage records efficiently and to provide access when required.  
  • The authorised repository for the official records of the Bournemouth Borough Council and Poole Borough Council and superseded local authorities under the terms of the Local Government Act 1972. 
  • Compliance with project funders’ requirements (e.g. HLF)
Compliance with legal and statutory requirements for collecting and preserving records.
Increased awareness of DHC’s archive collections
Making digital collections available online soon after their accession will increase DHC’s web presence and enhance the customer experience. Being an early adopter of Preservica will also raise the profile of DHC amongst the archival community.
Raise the profile of DHC to increase public understanding of the service and what it offers. [JAB Service Plan 2011-2014]
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