Dorset History Centre collection of digitised images

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Dorset History Centre collection of digitised images

This is a collection of images resulting from various digitisation activity at Dorset History Centre. Some of this was planned projects, other was ad hoc digititsation for events/public orders etc. DHC is the archives service for the county of Dorset and the boroughs of Poole and Bournemouth. The images are of a variety of items in our collections - maps, plans, photographs, multi-page volumes, single-page documents etc. The sample is approximately 5000 images, 48GB. This is a small representation of the whole collection which is probably around 20,000 images. The images are largely jpeg and tiff. The only metadata is that which is automatically contained within the file formats.

One of the issues with the dataset is that many of the images are unidentified, therefore copyright ownership is uncertain. DHC owns the copyright for some of its collections but in many cases it remains with the depositor.  

Dorset History Centre.

Dataset Location
On an external hardrive

Dataset Champion
Cassandra Johnson

Issues brainstorm

  • content identification and categorisation
  • file format and metadata validation
  • preservation planning – to include choosing image formats for preservation, access and annotation

List of Issues
Image content identification and categorisation

Preservation planning for images - access, preservation and annotation

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