Dorset History Centre skills gap analysis

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Activity DHC is seeking funding for digital preservation activity, including purchasing Tessella's Preservica for a 12 month pilot
  Role Skill Resource (yes/no/percentage)
Audit digital collections Digital Archivist Yes 50% - time and access to technology to view old media required
Accession digital material
Digital Archivist Yes Some - dependent on other project's requirements
Ingest material into digital preservation system
Digital Archivist No Yes. Training will be provided by Tessella upon purchase of the system.
Maintenance of digital preservation system
Tessella (outsourced) Yes Maintenance provided by Tessella upon purchase of the system
Strategic Direction Archive managers
Yes Yes
Engage with depositors re: file formats
Digital Archivist and Archives managers Some Some - time dependent on other projects
Monitor success of pilot Digital Archivist and Archives managers Yes Yes
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