Extracting content from Facebook to Mediawiki

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Title Extracting content from Facebook to Mediawiki
Detailed description
  • Created new Mediawiki installation (v1.18) for experimentation (https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Installation)
  • Created a Facebook application to work with the wiki
  • Installed and configured the Facebook extension for Mediawiki - enabled authentication using Facebook
  • Wrote JavaScript to grab user's own data (including non-public data requiring authentication) using Facebook API and write to their user page in the wiki using the Mediawiki API.
    • Needs to make clearer to user what's happening, and give them control over data posted
    • Currently dumps JSON string of user's Facebook profile - need to present it in a more usable way
  • Proof of concept - can get data from Facebook and update wiki with minimal user action.
  • Would like to develop browser bookmarklet that user could use to transfer photo/album they're currently viewing in Facebook to the wiki.
    JavaScript code placed in path.to/yourwiki/index.php/MediaWiki:Common.js (requires Facebook - http://connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js - and jQuery libraries): 
Solution Champion Patrick McCann
Corresponding Issue(s) Ensuring appropriate interface for data capture or deposit
Tool/code link A link to code on Git hub or a corresponding myExperiment if applicable
Tool Registry Link If possible provide a link to information about any third party tools used. Ideally these should point to entries in the OPF Tool Registry
  • Authenticates to the wiki using Facebook
  • Updates user page with information from Facebook (i.e. the user themselves depositing their own data): proof of concept dump of Facebook user data
  • Wrapper required to check the URL so only edits previously created pages
  • Summary: proof of concept is in place. Requires a bit of tidying
  • Would like to add functionality to enable bookmarking in Facebook which then triggers transfer
  • Issue owner: First step in this approach. Opens the door!
Further development
Having demonstrated that it is possible to transfer data from Facebook into MediaWiki, the next step in this project was to produce a usable tool with expanded functionality. This was supported by a SPRUCE award (funded by JISC) covering the period July-October 2012, involving Patrick McCann and Toni Sant, with the participation of Darren Stephens from the University of Hull. Details available at the OPF blog.
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