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History Workshop Journal Archive - Digital Archive Deposit

Founded in Britain in the late sixties by the historian Raphael Samuel, the History Workshop movement advocated “history from below”: history envisioned from the perspective of ordinary people rather than elites. Bishopsgate Library holds the archives of the History Workshop Journal going back to 1975. For the first time, the most recent deposit (received September 2011) comprised a large collection of born-digital content.

The collection includes files relating to all aspects of the administration of the History Workshop Journal, including the submissions, editing and publication procedures. The dataset comprises ~3,000 files, totalling ~650MB in size. The majority of the files are in Microsoft Office or PDF formats.

This dataset is available for use during the during SPRUCE Mashup London. Further access must be approved by the archivist at Bishopsgate Library.

Bishopsgate Library / History Workshop

Dataset Location
The dataset is held at Bishopsgate Library.

Dataset Champion
Thom Carter

Issues brainstorm

  • Deduplication
  • Format verification/validation
  • Filtering and access (determining which files may need to be closed)
  • Size of deposit (manually processing the collection may be impractical)
  • Extracting descriptive metadata
  • Directory structure (should this be preserved?)
  • Ingest and storage procedures
  • Developing guidelines for future digital depositors

List of Issues
Produce a report summarising collection metadata and content

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