Identifying and preserving image files

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Identifying and preserving image files

Detailed description

We have a large number of digitised and born digital images in our collection and need a strategy for identifying, checking and preserving them in the long term.

The files are mostly generated in house but there has been no regulation so they are in a variety of formats and resolutions. We need a way of checking them and preserving them for the long term.

It would also be useful to be able to add information to the file so that they can be identified in future and so that if we send them out to enquirers core information is retained

Issue champion

Jane Harrison

Other interested parties

Possible Solution approaches

FITS and c3po were suggested for checking the format for the files and whether they are valid.

In order to add content related metadata Digikam was raised as a possibility and also as a way of checking for duplication within the collection.

It was mentioned that this may not be possible for all file types and another way would be to add an external xml file linked by filename (UUID possibly).

Our collection of digitised and born digital images is growing very fast but there has been no regulation or standardisation in how the images are created and stored. Images are used by most departments who tend to save local copies meaning that there’s a large amount of duplication on the system, although often in different resolutions or with small changes made..

Lessons Learned
Notes on Lessons Learned from tackling this Issue that might be useful to inform digital preservation best practice

Ri Archive collections - audio, video and image examples

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