Laser Scanning data of Gabo sculptures

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Laser Scanning Data of Gabo sculptures


Laser scanning was carried out of Tate’s collection of cellulose-acetate sculptures by Gabo, in order to create 3D visualisations and track condition changes over time. The scanning was carried out by a third-part supplier, Plowman Craven. The data has been provided in a large variety of file formats, including raw scan data in .bre, .pqk and others, and 3D model formats such as .3DS and .3DM. The size of each dataset varies depending on the size and complexity of the artwork (the sample artwork is 406MB, others are several GB), and the types of files produced also varies from artwork to artwork

Tate Collection work – not to be published in any form without permission. 


Dataset Location
Not possible

Dataset Champion
Anna Henry

Issues brainstorm

Appraisal issues – need to have more information about the various file formats in order to understand what each of the files are and which files need to be preserved long-term.

Best-practice guidance for future projects – recommendations for the most sustainable file formats.

Need to know what metadata should be kept, particularly structural metadata about how all the files relate to each other and recording preservation metadata such as rendering software. A workflow for the creation of metadata and a way of automating the extraction of metadata are needed.

List of Issues
Appraisal and preservation of 3D modelling data

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