London 2012 Partnership governance and communication records

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London 2012 Partnership: governance and communication records

Records created by Lloyds Banking Group surrounding their partnership with the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Includes governance records such as steering committees, high-level reports, and communications records such as visual identity guidelines, advertising and audiovisual material. The extent of digital material is 68 files currently (although this does not yet contain the audiovisual material). The volume is 97.4 MB and the formats are Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Flash Video and BMP image files. The metadata is kept on CALM archival cataloguing software: this is descriptive metadata. Technical metadata is not currently captured, other than basic details on CALM relating to file size and file type.

Access restricted to certain internal stakeholders only.

Lloyds Banking Group

Dataset Location
N/A (internal storage)

Dataset Champion
Anne Archer

Issues brainstorm

  • How do we profile our content? How do we capture what we have and begin to define risks
  • Metadata: what technical metadata can we / should we capture and where can we store this, while linking through to our descriptive metadata on CALM (cataloguing software)
  • Quality issues: how do we decide what formats we can accept into the Archive and how can we deal with damaged files (e.g. split flash video files)
  • Transfer / ingest: what is an effective, secure and preservation-safe way of transferring digital material to the Archive?
  • How can we prove and manage the authenticity and reliability of our records over time?
  • Creation of workflows: how to we begin to put together preservation workflows for ingest, preservation and access, which will work for different collections?
  • Issues of scale - how would we deal with larger collections in future?
  • What preservation actions can we take now?

List of Issues
Simple preservation actions with few IT resources

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