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Activity Outline

Consider the activity you would like to examine and build a business case for during this mashup. You could have a tight focus on the activity your mashup developer is looking at, or you could take a broader consideration for the activity of your team, unit or department. We'll be building a business case to convince the powers that be that your work deserves to be funded. So you could outline a completely new activity or project.

Lovebytes Festival Media Archive

Benefits Analysis and Alignment with Institutional Objectives

< Begin by brainstorming the different benefits relevant to your activity, then expand on these in the Detailed Benefit Description column. When these benefit descriptions are complete, enter which objectives from your institutional strategy the benefit aligns with >

Generic or high level benefit Detailed benefit description Aligns with Institutional Objective
Digital preservation for internal organisational use. To create a record of previous activity to refer to and draw upon. Re-approaching themes and strategies is a valuable tool for informing new strategies developing new ideas and tracing common themes. To collect and catalogue and preserve Lovebytes digital artefacts.
Creating a publicly accessible collection of data and records To create an accessible online archive of digital artworks, documentation for use by students, academics, researchers and public interested in digital heritage and development of creative technology culture. To preserve and make broadly accessible archives for research and re-use.
Enabling monetization of archives Organising and presenting archive material for collectors editions, publications and paid for download alongside free access. Opportunities for raising match funding. Protecting artist’s copyright. Promoting artist’s work.
Enabling innovative methods for public engagement with digital archives. Provide an accessible, open data archive which can preserve themes and linkages which reflect the original context of the material and curatorial intent. Enabling re-presentation and reuse of this material. Improve perceived value of digital archives.
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