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M3P's Collaborative CD Collection & Preservation (CCCP or C3P)
Description This is a subset of the Malta Music Memory Project (M3P). Five record collectors have, between them, almost the entire catalogue of Maltese music CDs released since 1989. Many of these CDs were commercially available through record shops or online at some point, while others were created for limited distribution to fans and/or for promotion. Most of these approximately 400 CDs, contain audio data playable conventionally through CD players, but some of them contain other audio formats (eg. mp3, wma, flac, etc.) and/or other files (eg. video, images, etc.) At this stage the rough estimate in terms of disk storage for all this material is about 2TB. The metadata is mixed and a substantial amount of manual inputting will be required at the pre-ingest and/or ingest stage, as well as later, especially if we're able to output the catalogue to the M3P wiki; at that stage, further metadata can be crowd-sourced.
Licensing Most of the material on the CDs is under copyright, which is owned by the artists, for the most part. There are possibly some materials that are orphan works. The database rights belong to M3P Foundation, which is under CC-BY-SA 3.0. 
Owner M3P Foundation owns the database. The CDs are owned by Mario Axiaq, Joe Axiaq, Steve Borg, Michael Bugeja, and Toni Sant. The University of Hull owns the hardware used to ingest and store the media data.
Dataset Location A large number of the records are currently at the University of Hull's Scarborough Campus.  The remaining CDs are at the respective owners homes' in Malta and Melbourne, Australia.
Collection Champion Toni Sant
Issues brainstorm Initial general considerations:
  • Preserving CD collections of Maltese music
    • Ensuring long-term preservation and access
  • Establishing a workflow model based on best practice & preservation standards
    • Plus: which tools to use?
  • Is this a unique project?
    • How to avoid reinventing the wheel
    • Adding new “spokes” or “tyres” to the wheel
  • Identifying potential IPR issues...and how to handle them!
List of Issues At risk and decaying audio data on CDs
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