Malformed TIFF images

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Malformed TIFF images
Description ~80,000 TIFF files (~1.3 TB), most of them valid. Some of the valid images contain black areas upon rendering or sometimes do not render at all in one or more different rendering applications
Licensing To be announced soon
Owner National Archives of the Netherlands (NANETH)
Dataset Location USB HD @ event
Collection Champion Maurice de Rooij (maurice DOT de DOT rooij AT nationaalarchief DOT nl)
Issues brainstorm
  • need for automated detection of issues because of the volume
List of Issues Black areas or pixels in TIFF files
dataset dataset Delete
tiff tiff Delete
malformed malformed Delete
detection detection Delete
spruce spruce Delete
spruce_glasgow spruce_glasgow Delete
image image Delete
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  1. Apr 13, 2012

    Hi Maurice, quick on the draw, as ever!

    Am I safe to assume that JHOVE doesn't do the job?

    A quick Google search illicited this chat on StackOverflow, perhaps predictably suggesting Libtiff:

    I like this exchange, which sums up our mashup dev approach quite nicely:

    "You can always read the TIFF specifications and implement your own TIFF-validation mechanism."

    "Have you read the TIFF specification? It would take years to implement a validation method. Stand on the shoulders of giants and use already implemented/available code."


    1. Apr 16, 2012

      You are right. JHOVE is marking the files being valid, but in fact they do not render correctly, ie. not being valid after all.

      Will try the LibTIFF that is being suggested on StackOverflow.