Malta Music Memory Project (M3P)

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Malta Music Memory Project (M3P)
Description The main goal of the M3P is to provide an inclusive repository for memories of Malta's music and associated arts, ensuring that these are kept in posterity for current and future generations.
Licensing For IPR issues see
Owner M3P Foundation
Dataset Location
Collection Champion Toni Sant
Issues brainstorm
  • Enabling contributors to deposit via Facebook
  • New landing interface for project? (to ensure better initial interaction from potential depositors/contributors)* Reaching out to potential contributors
    • Through Facebook?
    • Directed mail outs?
    • Personal messages?
    • Face-to-face exchanges?
  • Ensuring the appropriate interface for the project (both in terms of data capture & dissemination)
  • Following up with interested contributors
    • GUI training?
    • Basic archiving skills?
    • Oral Interviews?
    • Task forces on specific (group) projects?
  • Contributors are not just depositors
List of Issues
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