Managing deposited personal collections benefits

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The benefits outlined here are specific to the management of electronic archive collections that have been deposited or donated by external individuals or organisations.

Generic or high level benefit Detailed benefit description Aligns with Institutional Objective
Collaboration Working with external organisations, including external storage, will encourage collaboration with the local HE community making cost savings and sharing knowledge and expertise Creating new partnerships with local organisations
Potential for income generation through external consultancy Building skills and knowledge of institutional staff will mean there is the potential to generate income in the future by providing support for external organisations Research, Consultancy and Knowledge Transfer Strategy  (RCKT)
Economic Savings
A proactive digital preservation strategy will enable the archives to manage and appraise collections as they are received, freeing up storage space. IT Service Review
Strategy - working efficiently
Can help achieve objectives relating to green agenda
Being proactive in sorting collections and removing duplication will free up storage space; saving files to one secure repository will mean multiple back ups in various places on various media no loner required
Environmental policy 
Research reputation
Ability to manage and make accessible electronic archive collections will support future research into all areas of education
RCKT Strategy
Institutional strategy - university of excellence supporting research
Saves Physical Space
Digital preservation strategy will enable the organisation to manage electronic records in their original format and future requirements for physical storage space will become smaller Creation of excellent teaching areas for students
Institutional Reputation
Digital preservation strategy is imperative when negotiating terms of deposit with external individuals and organisations. If the organisation is unable to effectively manage and preserve electronic collection donors and depositors will look to deposit collections with other archives and libraries
strategy - development of and access to library and archive collections
Library strategy - collection development irrespective of format
Potential to secure extra funding
Systematic digital preservation will place the organisation in a strong position to gain external funding from a number of funding bodies including research councils, philanthropic organisations, and sector-related funders such as JISC Institution of excellence for research
Supports future collection development
Without a digital preservation strategy the organisation will be unable to accept digital collections and make them accessible; will support continued collection development essential for developing the collection of the library and archives
strategy - development of and access to library and archive collections
Library strategy - collection development irrespective of format
Enables wider access
Online access makes collection available to wider user groups; increases potential to engage with new users groups; raises reputation of the organisation; raises reputation of the individual; enables institution to make collections accessible to researchers worldwide without having to visit onsite Research reputation; opening up collections of the library and archives
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