Managing deposited personal collections skills gap analysis

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Activity   Introduction of working practices and skills for the effective management (acquisition, cataloguing, access and preservation) of deposited electronic archive collections  
  Role Skill Resource (yes/no/percentage)
Strategic Direction
Head of Library Services
Library Management Team
Negotiating deposit with potential depositors Archivist Somewhat Yes -- 50%
Development of procedures for staff for the management of electronic archives Archives Team Somewhat Limited – additional activity
Documenting workflows for management of collection acquisition and cataloguing Archives Team No Limited – additional activity
Testing technical solutions to assist appraisal, sorting and cataloguing of electronic archive collections Archives Team, Technical Services Librarian, IT department Archivists – No
Others – partial?
Writing procedures for using software and toolkits Archives Team (Technical Services Librarian, IT department) No No
Redevelopment of existing policies, procedures, and agreements Archivist with Archives Team Somewhat Yes
Creation of preservation metadata schema Archives Team No No
Training/guidance/education for record creators Archives Team No No
Cataloguing Assistant Archivists Somewhat – training required Yes – but collections will be added to priority list
Development of functionality of repository software to meet needs of managing archive collections Technical Services Librarian, Archives Team, external hosting organisation Somewhat Limited – additional activity
Development of front end for repository including creation of an ‘online reading room’ Technical Services Librarian, Assistant Archivist, Archives Team, external hosting organisation Somewhat – training required No – requires both staffing and financial investment
Negotiation with external hosting organisation Archivist, Technical Services Librarian Yes / Somewhat Yes
Applying procedures and workflows to existing electronic collections Archives Team No – to be developed Limited – additional activity
Storage External hosting organisation Yes Yes – not 100%. Part of departmental budget forecasting and will increase in future
Surveying electronic content in existing collections Assistant Archivists Yes No – additional activity
Apply preservation workflows to electronic content in existing collections Archives Team No – to be developed No – additional activity
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