Northumberland Estates - Current Electronic Records

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Clerk of Works Folder. Business records from Northumberland Estates. The collection has been taken from networked drives currently in use by the Estates. Includes standard office environment documents and software memes (e.g. Word, Excel, PDF, Jpeg, AutoCad, and possibly GIS).

Created by Northumberland Estates day to day business – multiple users all filing within networked drive. Includes broad range of business documents (e.g. policies, procedures, invoices, and property info). Clerk of Works folder is one separate department which equates to 3GB. Whole Estates network is roughly 1TB. Standard software metadata present (e.g. filenames…)

Intellectual property of Northumberland Estates. Not available as open content. Happy to discuss potential access for development purposes.

Northumberland Estates

Dataset Location
Contact Chris Fryer – Digital Curator and Assistant Records Manager for access.

Dataset Champion

Chris Fryer

Issues brainstorm

-Fixity/Validation Checks (at each stage of the OAIS model)
-Metadata Creation and storage (schema’s, wrappers, containers(?))
-Preservation worthiness for ingest into TDR (Trusted Digital Repository)
-Practical workflows and tailoring these to the organisation (i.e. doing it!)
-Scalability of workflows and processes
-Mass conversion

List of Issues
Audit and identification of current electronic records

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