OSX GUI based checksum tool

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OSX GUI based checksum tool

Detailed description


For most people the available tools are not nice.

Doing checksums  is a big win.

checksum gui front end
app to take a chosen folder and generate a checksum manifest

1. CHOOSE FOLDER allows user to browse & choose folder
2. RUNNING CHECKSUM gives feedback on activity ideally with some idea of time remaining
3. CHECKSUM COMPLETE feedback when operation complete
4. TIME TO COMPLETE back on time taken
5. SHOW MANIFEST possibly open folder window to show checksum file

key features

lots of feedback

no end user configuration required


proposed development route is just a proof of concept

a more robust app is a bigger task

advanced weapons & tactics
app can do (or guide though) install of all dependancies - ie all the command line tools that make it work
for future
app can take a manifest file & run validation
OSX Developer Tools


research on tools





yummy web based presentation


Solution Champion

Mark Osborne

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