Obsolete multimedia software

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Obsolete multimedia software
Description A Tu Lengua is a CAL software package developed at the University of St Andrews in 1998. A Tu Langua is bundled into the Speaker Knowledge Explorer 4.01 software. The package contains a compilation of multimedia files and interactive grammar exercises.
Licensing The Speaker Knowledge Explorer 4.01 is proprietary software, which is copyrighted to Neuro Concept - EDF DER 1998 (www.neuroconcept.com). The  compilation of language learning content is copyright University of St Andrews.
Owner University of St Andrews
Dataset Location [email protected]
Collection Champion Birgit Plietzsch
Issues brainstorm
  • compatibility with current OSs
  • screen resolutions
  • hard coding used within compilation
  • software security issues if run in a networked environment
  • software licensing issues arising out of emulation
  • potential use in multi-platform environment
  • institutional support
  • software deployment
List of Issues Emulation and authenticity issues
dataset dataset Delete
spruce_glasgow spruce_glasgow Delete
spruce spruce Delete
software software Delete
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