PRONI Digital Preservation Project

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PRONI Digital Preservation Project

Description Sample export od data from the RecordsNI Electronic Document and Records Management System
Licensing Sample data only
Owner Public Record Office of Northern Ireland
Dataset Location Not Applicable - sample email with attachments to be uploaded
Collection Champion Larry Murray
Issues brainstorm When preserving complex electronic objects such as emails with attachments (MS Word, Excel etc) it is necessary to:
1. Identify the constituent parts of the email (the record)
2. Extract the attachments for preservation purposes
3. Harvest any required metadata from the attachments
4. Link the attachments back to the parent object
5. Ensure that the de-constructed parts retain the original data objects "recordness"

List of Issues Preserving MS Outlook (.msg) E-mails with Attachments
dataset dataset Delete
spruce_glasgow spruce_glasgow Delete
spruce spruce Delete
email email Delete
pst pst Delete
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