Preserving MS Outlook (.msg) E-mails with Attachments - Solution

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Title Preserving MS Outlook (.msg) E-mails with Attachments
Detailed description The solution is a JAR executable which makes use of the msgparser Java library to extract binary attachments from Microsoft Outlook MSG files. Extracted binaries are saved to a folder with the same name as the MSG file, this folder is created in the same folder as the MSG file. Please note that this first version is not yet able to recurse into MSG files which are attached to MSG files. The JAR file is accompanied by a Windows batch file to automatically recurse a specified folder.
Solution Champion Maurice de Rooij
Corresponding Issue(s) Preserving MS Outlook (.msg) E-mails with Attachments
Tool/code link
Tool Registry Link If possible provide a link to information about any third party tools used. Ideally these should point to entries in the OPF Tool Registry
  • Extracts attachments, batch script to recurse through folders
  • Outputs initially validated by opening them in Open Office
  • Further work required on embedded .msg files
  • Issue owner: extremely easy to use.
  • Library author is looking for support and sample files for testing - we should raise profile via OPF
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