Ri Archive collections - audio, video and image examples

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Ri Archive collections - audio, video and image examples
Description Content mostly created by Ri staff, for the Ri or in conjunction with it but may come from different sources and in various formats. The sample includes digital and digitised film and audio of Ri lectures, approximately 25 audio recordings (lectures and one interview) and 20-25 video recordings (lectures). The AV material is in mp3, mp4, wav formats and possibly others. The images are a mix of formats and include scans of archive documents (approx. 500 pages) in jpg, pdf, psd formats, photographs of collection items in jpg, tif and raw (nef) formats. The files are about 3.5GB plus several CDs and DVDs. Only basic metadata is present to my knowledge.
Licensing Material was created by, with or for The Royal Institution of Great Britain and can be used for research but shouldn’t be published online as there are possible rights issues with the some of the material. Issues are mainly rights management on archives, and IPR issues which need to be checked with lectures. The video was made in conjunction with various tv companies and rights are shared, the Ri can use the footage for non-profit purposes.
Owner The Royal Institution of Great Britain
Dataset Location The collection is held at the Ri, images and some audio/visual material on hard drive, most of the AV material is on CD/DVD and will need to be transferred. 
Content Champion
Jane Harrison
Issues brainstorm Content profiling / Format identification / Validation (data from different sources / check it is what it says it is)
Preservation plan / Access strategies (including future digitisation guidelines / appropriate file formats)
Metadata extraction
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