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University of Nottingham MSS images  

5 Tiffs and 5 corresponding jpeg derivatives created by the University Of Nottingham, Manuscripts and Special Collections, from disparate physical archival and library items (two book pages, a photo, a poster, a political cartoon).

Size on disk: 591 MB

Metadata: technical metadata on all files, descriptive metadata present only on jpegs.  

The images are copyright of the University of Nottingham and can only be accessed by the participants to the Spruce Mashup.  

The University of Nottingham.

Dataset Location

Dataset Champion
Eleonora Nicchiarelli

Issues brainstorm

  • ·         Making available a simple tool to see the differences in metadata present in the TIFF and the JPEG header
  • ·         Editing of the TIFF header to enter request and descriptive metadata that have been added to the JPEG header / to the repository holding the master images and the derivatives
  • ·         Minimising human contact (manual editing by a curator) with the TIFFs all by ensuring that the script or equivalent used to edit the TIFF metadata does not corrupt the TIFFs themselves
  • ·         Investigating the possibility of using JPEG2000 that would allow simple back conversion to TIFF – again, put in place a procedure / suggest tools for quality control  

List of Issues

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